Italy offers remarkable waterway cruising.You can navigate in complete freedom in the lagoon and discover Venice, Murano, etc...60 000 hectares of nature, culture and history are there to be enjoyed. Cruise on the Pô and Brenta rivers, visit the magnificient villas at the river's edge. During your cruise you will have the pleasure of making several gastronomic stopovers and savouring fish and seafood in small charming restaurants.


From : Chioggia/Marano


Boats available in Italy.


Triton 8,60

A boat very easy to handle, bright and of modern design.

Maximum occupancy :5 persons.
Adviced occupancy :3 persons.
Lenght :8.60 m
Beam :3.20 m
Engine :in-board Diesel
Fuel tank capacity :180 l
Consumption :3-4 L/H
Watertank :420 l
Heating :Air ducted.

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New Concorde Fly 890 Twins

4/7 people -Lengt : 8.90m - Beam:3.20 m 2 Steering wheels ( inside and outside ) . 3 cabins including the lounge cabin. Minimum height in the
lounge cabin 210 m, in the cabins 1.90 m.
Water tank : 400 l.

Sleeping capacity :
Front cabin (port side) : 1 double bed. Front
cabin ( starboard side) : 1 double bed.
Lounge cabin: 1 bench convertible into 1
double bed + 1 single berth.

equipment : 2 showers / 2 sinks / 2 WC.

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New Concorde Fly 890

4/7 personnes - Same boat with only 1 shower / 1 WC (outside the shower).

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Tip Top

(11.00 x 3.50) 6+2 persons

The boat «TIP TOP» has two fore cabins: one cabin with a double bed, which can be transformed into two single beds (eventually an extra couchette can be installed) ; the other cabin has a double bed which can be transformed into a single bed (increasing space and comfort in the cabin). Each cabin has its own bathroom with shower, wash basin and WC, which are accessible from the salon as well. The aft cabin has a large double bed and an own bathroom with shower, wash basin and WC . The central salon has a steering position and a complete and luxurious kitchen. Large high sundeck with external steering (Flying bridge).

Drinking water: 600 l. - Diesel: 300 l. Bow thruster

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A few advice


ssurance :All our boats are fully insured, we know you will look after the boats, but on your arrival we will ask you to leave a refundable caution on safe return of the boat We suggest, as well, you take our cancellation plan insurance.

icycles : To explore the sides of the canal and the villages you will have some great fun if you bring or rent some bicycles. (160 FRF/week)
ontact : If during your cruise you want your family to get in contact with you for urgent messages, please leave the telephone number of the base with your relatives. In case of emergency we will get the message to you.
ocumentation : To make the most of your holiday we will give you a little book with all the details you need for your cruise.
ngine :All the engines are diesels, they are very economical and safe in use.
amily : A boat holiday is an excellent family experience, specially your children will be delighted to spent a week on a boat.
asoil and gas : There should be enough gasoil and gas for at least 2 weeks on the boat. You pay the consumption at the end of your stay. Gas is free.
Hose : To fill up your watertank you will find the hose in one of the lockers on the boats. Several waterpoints will allow you to fill up during the cruise.
nterference : If you have a problem with your boat phone the base and they will send a technician as soon as they can.
ourney : We advice you to bring with you the binoculars on your boa journey to discover wildlife on the canal side. On. your boat, you will find a complete set of naps and informations to plan your cruise.
ilometres : Don't be in a hurry, just admire the beautiful surroundings, per day you can navigate maximum Of 30, km.
esson :On arrival the staff will make you familiar with the way to drive your boat, they will go for a trial run with you, if, necessary and in general there should be no problem. 1160 boats are easy to handle.
ap : On your inscription form you can order the canal map. This will help you to prepare your trip and it is a nice souvenir at the same time.

ever : Never forget your camera, some nice books, a torch, musicassettes, games for the children and whatever you need to spend your evening in perfect harmony.

n time : You can take possession of your boat between 1 0-18 p. m, and we ask you to bring the boat back on your departure day between 8-9 a.m. We even advice you to be already at the base the evening before. We know people hate to leave but we need to prepare the boats for the next guests.
arking :For your car we propose a closed garage or an fenced open air parking.
uilts : Bed linen and cushion covers are on the boats, as well as either quilts err blankets. We supply pillow cases. You will find a complete set to wash your boat inside and outside.
eservation : As soon as you know what date you can take your holiday please get in contact with us. The boats are reserved very early. but even at the very last minute, we advice you to get in touch, we might have a last minute cancellation.
ecurity : Please follow the security rules as they are instructed on your arrival. In case of doubt, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
emperature : Depending on the season, even if you are in France, we advice you to bring some sweaters, T-shirts, not to forget your swimming suit and maybe a "raincoat".
tensils : The kitchen is fully equipped, except for a pressure cooker.
isit : It is worth visiting some historical monuments as for instance the Cit6 of Carcassonne and many historical monuments in Burgundy.
C : All our boats are equipped with marine toilets and showers with warm and cold water.
Maybe we forgot some answers, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, either by phone, fax Email or by Z letter. Hope to see you soon !