Boat Hiring on French Canals and Rivers

Riversides of France

Far from the cities, the madness of the motorways, come and discover an unknown France and cruise in the middle of an unspoiled countryside. Here time stops, this is real nature, light and shadow play with the water of the canais like in a painting of Monet. The Canal du Midi was built under Louis XIV "Le roi soleil" in this period of magnificent architecture. When you cruise gently on our canais du Midi and du Nivernais, you slip through two or three centuries of french history. You are in a world where people still take time to appreciate, and make a little conversation with you and your crew. Whether you take a boat with your family or with friends you will cruise into the most beautiful parts of France and you are the captain on board. So hold the wheel and cast off ! We wish you a very nice trip.


The Areas of France

Canal du Midi-Camargue

The world famous canal connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic ocean will bring you from the Camargue with its flamingos and wild bulls to the large
vineyards of Languedoc and the medieval city of Carcassonne.


Canal du Nivernais
River Saône
Burgundy-South Loire

From North to South, the Burgundy is the heart of France History and Gastronomy. It is the larger network of canals and rivers in France.The Canal du Nivernais, may be the
most beautiful canal in France. The Saône river flows gently at the bottom of the most famous vineyards of Burgundy.



Alsace - Lorraine

Between the Vosges and the Black Forest,
L’Alsace is one of the most attractive region of France. The Lorraine offers a quiet scenery of pinetrees forest and red sandstone.



Aquitaine - Gascony
The river Lot
The river Charente

A Gastronomic cruise in the heart of Aquitaine( South west of France), on the canl along the Garonne, the river Baïse, the river Lot and the river Charente. A France in the sunny south away from the crowds - A gentle France with mild climate and firendly people ...


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